Mitsubishi MELSEC

Mitsubishi MELSEC

The programmable logic controllers (PLCs) of the MELSEC brand from the Japanese corporation Mitsubishi are also found in many industrial plants. Older models use serial connections, while newer models use Ethernet to communicate with the outside world. Both types can be integrated into the ENLYZE data platform, enabling the capture of process data here as well.

As with many controllers, a list of the available process variables is also required for the Mitsubishi controllers. If the controller is connected to an operator panel (e.g. Mitsubishi GOT2000), all used variables can be extracted from the operator panel. Otherwise, collaboration with the program or manufacturer of the plant is necessary.

Required Information:

  • Manufacturer of the plant

  • Photo of the control cabinet with the Mitsubishi MELSEC controller

  • For FX5: IP address of the controller

Technologies Used:

  • For FX2/FX3: Native MELSEC protocol via serial RS-232 / RS-485 connections

  • For FX5: Mitsubishi MELSEC SLMP protocol via Ethernet