The single source of truth of your shopfloor data

Understand, plan and optimize based on unified data from machine control units, ERP/MES and quality systems

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From data to insights

Use your time to gain insights and don't waste it on manually searching and merging data



Process and quality data of all plants and appliances available any time and anywhere.


Process and quality data searchable based on item or order numbers.


Compare process parameters of all orders of an item with just one click.

Collaboration on a uniform data basis

Data prepared so everyone can work with it.

ENLYZE for the management

ENLYZE for the management

Maintaining an overview – live, historically and everywhere

Make strategic decisions based on relevant and live KPIs of your production.

ENLYZE for controlling

ENLYZE for controlling

Control production with reliable and always up to date KPIs

Ensure profitability through data-driven planning and costing.

ENLYZE for production management

ENLYZE for production management

Master and optimize processes

Identify root causes of reduced plant performance, scrap, and other anomalies via comparisons of process and quality data.

ENLYZE for quality management

ENLYZE for quality management

Understand and permanently resolve quality problems

Ensure and increase product quality based on a complete process record.

Plug & Play for all data sources

Our edge device SPARK connects to all your shopfloor data sources – regardless of the appliance manufacturer or machine protocol. The installation happens during regular operation of the machine - no downtime. You only pay after a successful implementation with no upfront costs.

We are convinced that only a unified data set consisting of process, booking and quality data leads to a comprehensive picture of your production and processes. Therefore we connect and unify the data of all your systems.

Process dataQuality dataBooking data

We read out process data directly from your machine via suitable interfaces. Whether machine controllers (PLC), external sensors or other installed controllers – we connect all relevant data sources to our system.

If a suitable connector for your interface is not yet available in our portfolio our in-house development team will provide it quickly and free of charge.

We can access quality data from your inline monitoring systems, such as profile control or a camera system.

You can also integrate data from your QA laboratory and append it to individual orders allowing you to map quality onto the process parameters.

We extract booking information directly from the databases of your ERP/MES system.

Using production order information, article numbers ,and time stamps, we are able to link quality and process data onto single orders and by that also make the data searchable.