S7 (RFC1006)

S7 (RFC1006)

The classic S7 protocol (also known as RFC1006) is used as the primary data transmission protocol in the Siemens S7 controllers of the 300 and 400 series introduced in 1994, as well as in the S7-200 controllers introduced in 1996. The successor models of the S7-1200 and S7-1500 series can also be optionally read using this protocol, although ENLYZE prefers the successor protocol S7Plus (OMS+) due to its greater functionality and easier handling.

Additional to reading data points via this protocol, a list of existing process variables is also required. Unlike the successor protocol S7Plus (OMS+), this variable list cannot be directly read from the controller using the classic S7 protocol. However, ENLYZE offers several ways to access this variable list, for example:

  • Analyzing a project file, if you have the plant's programming available.

  • Reading the variable list from a connected Siemens SIMATIC HMI operator panel.

Required Information:

  • Plant manufacturer

  • Photo of the control cabinet with the S7 controller

  • If available: Bus address of the controller as well as a free bus address (for ENLYZE SPARK). Alternatively, ENLYZE can determine this information during an on-site visit.